For years we've all heard, as auto enthusiasts, how Ferrari is the epitome of the best driver's car. The company is secretive and protects its brand more fiercely than any other company on the planet.

Why, do you ask? Perhaps Harry Metcalfe can help shed some light on it.

As the owner of a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, he knows the ins and outs about the car like no other. If you troll the FerrariChat forum you won't even find information quite like this. Although this is a review of the crazy, flat 12 red head, I believe it actually serves as a good example why Ferrari is so damn special.

Who else would show you the knock off wheels, the Ferrari tool kit, the overhead light switches and ridiculous glove box mirror? I reckon no one. It's a true geek fest, but, I think if you think of the 1980s and an icon, it's hard NOT to have the Testarossa on your mind.

Well, that and the Lamborghini Countach — technically that's a 1970s vehicle though ;)

Anyhow, I've rambled on enough! Check out Harry Metcalfe doing what he does best: provide you with super cool facts about his unique rides.

Video gives you a guided tour around my 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, to give you a sense what this car is like to live with as an owner. Expect some surprises along the way..

DRIVEN + VIDEO: If You've EVER Dreamed Of The Miami Vice Ferrari Tetstarossa, Let Harry Metcalfe Make YOU An Expert On It

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