In a clip that's been making its way around the web and on broadcast television, a Chevrolet representative got a bit nervous while handing the keys over to the San Francisco Giants' pitcher and MLB MVP, Madison Bumgarner.

You have to feel just a little bit for the guy. He's on TV in front of millions of people and he's also got a world class baseball player, Erin Andrews and some other guy hanging on his every word. Speaking of Andrews, being an individual in communications she sees what's happening a mile away and can barely keep it together while holding the mic to Rikk Wilde — the GM representative.

That said if you haven't been plugged in to the whole "technology and stuff" stumble, here it is in its full glory, below!

General Motors isn't letting this opportunity go to waste, either. It has already incorporated it into its marketing and I even saw an on-air commercial reference the happening. Good on you, GM for moving FAST! Speed kills.

Rikk Wilde Of Chevrolet Has A Tough Time With His Lines While Presenting The MLB MVP Trophy To Madison Bumgarner

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