The first-generation BMW X6 will easily be a part of the blue and white's history. Sorry, there's no way around it, the vehicle shaped the company's design in a big way. Whether you like to admit it or not, there's a lot of four door vehicles masking themselves as coupes since the X6s success.

THINK: 3-Series Gran Turismo, 4-Series Gran Coupe, X4, 5-Series Gran Turismo, 6-Series Gran Coupe. That's an assload of vehicles with a sleeker roofline over their more conservative counterparts.

2015 BMW X6

After Agent 001 went down to the dirty south to spend time behind the wheel of the all-new X6, I wanted to take a second and reflect if this new design trend has your attention or if you'd still opt for the more conservative option between the X5 and X6.

So, take a look at 001's shots from the Greenville, South Carolina area and let us know what you think: would you rather have the X6 or X5 parked in your driveway?

2015 BMW X6

MORE Shots Of The 2015 BMW X6 — Would You Rather Have THIS Or The More Conservative Looking X5?

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