Lincoln’s been on a bit of a media blitz lately. It hired Matthew McConaughey to spout some zen aphorisms about progress and its new MKC then – after the spot inspired a fair amount of mockery and a memorable SNL parody – starting fielding press inquiries about the measurable (as in, 25%) bump in sales.

Thing is, it’s been a long time since Lincoln was cool on the strength of its products alone - Carter was in office if that puts it in perspective. The last Lincoln Continental Town Car rolled off the line in 1978. That car was nineteen-and-a-half feet and 5,500 pounds of velour–lined Yankee grandeur. Unwieldy and inefficient enough to trigger a gas crisis, that behemoth oozed excess. Slipping behind the wheel of a 3–ton two–door was an act of indulgence on par with bathing in a hot tub. Gratuitous, sure, but goddam American.

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Is Lincoln Ever Going To Be Cool Again?

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