Considering the SEMA Show is the year's premiere tuning event, one would hope that our Best in Show would go to a car that is highly tuned and blows everyone away. Well, that may be a problem this year.

That's because Toyota brought out the big guns with its FT-1 Concept and it looked stellar.

2014 SEMA Show

The FT-1 has been the object of many's affection ever since it's global debut. There's good reason for this: it may be teasing the upcoming Toyota Supra. Ever since it was born, the Supra has been a favorite of modders.

At the 2014 SEMA Show, the FT-1 was not the red and black interior example seen everywhere else. Instead, the major automaker decided to shake things up and bring forward a gunmetal example with a saddle interior.

A very sophisticated and tasteful color palette, indeed.

That said, what do YOU think of this particular FT-1? Is it stealing YOUR heart, or is it leaving you COLD? Is it deserving of BEST in show?

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2014 SEMA Show

#SEMAShow: Uh Oh! Will The BEST In Show Go To A COMPLETELY UNMODDED Car? Toyota Shows Off A SWEET FT-1 Concept

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