Now I know that some of you will send some flak my way, but hear me out before you start slinging mud.

First off, in today's design world we pretty much see production cars emulate their concepts. It's been made quite clear that the FT-1 is essentially the upcoming Supra.

Second, the Chevrolet Corvette is a really "out there" design. That's not a bad thing, but it definitely shows us that General Motors was more than happy to take a risk and, my, my the company has been rewarded for it. Sales of the C7 Stingray are THROUGH the roof. Just think, the Z06 hasn't even arrived yet.

Now, to the debate.

Both autos are tried and true sports cars. The Z06 is a very in your face design for a production model and we assume that the slightly zany FT-1/Supra will be toned down a bit before it hits showrooms. While the 'Vette is a bit of a mix of old-school muscle with a twist of new age elements, the FT-1 is shooting for the stars in its quest to look "like the batmobile," as one commenter here noted. 

So, WHICH sports car has the BETTER design?

Will the Corvette age well with its mix of new age styling and retro cues? Or, would you rather have the FT-1's F1 car meets LFA look?

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CAR WARS! WHICH Sports Car Has The Better DESIGN? Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs. Toyota FT-1

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