Ever since its launch, Ferrari has been known as the auto builder of automobiles that ooze sex. The designs are thrilling and provocative. Male or female, it doesn't matter because when you see a Ferrari drive by there's a good chance you'll be given a shot of some animalistic chemical and you're drawn to the Italian red head.

Perhaps it's just me.

Ferrari 458 Spider

Now last week I posted my review of the 458 Spider. It was a pretty epic machine. While it drove fantastically and felt a certain way that took my breath away, there was something else that had me smitten.

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Just look at it. Pininfarina designed what I believe is the best looking modern F car in recent memory. While I loved the F355, it's become quite dated looking very fast. The 360 Challenge Stradale was a well executed design, no doubt, but a bit ho hum. The F430 was actually ugly, if I am honest. The other cars? Nothing stands out, to me, at least.

And now the 458. My, my. Its headlights and front end may seem a bit peculiar in photos but when you see the proportions and lines in the flesh, it just works. There's not other way to describe it. It just works.

When you get to its side profile, the two lines running front to rear are just sensational and perfectly executed. The 458 looks...sensual.

Personally, my favorite element is the back end. This car shot from a 3/4 perspective is just brilliant. Low, wide and sporting a tri-tipped exhaust, there's no mistaking this for anything but an exotic.

All that said, what say YOU? Do YOU think that this is the BEST LOOKING modern Ferrari in recent memory? Is there any modern F car design that's better?

And now onto the slew of photos...

Ferrari 458 Spider

PHOTO Overload! Is Ferrari's 458 The BEST LOOKING Modern F Car In RECENT Memory?

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