When it comes to buying an exotic car, it's a completely different ballgame. Everything about these vehicles costs a multiple or two, possibly three, more than your standard, run-of-the-mill luxury vehicle.

Some buyers drive them hard and put them away wet, others rub them with a diaper and others treat them just like any other automobile. Everyone has a different philosophy and thought process when it comes to owning and caring for these super special rides.

But when I was at a sporting goods retailer in my neck of the woods, a local exotic dealer had some rides sitting on the lot. Most were clean and looking A OK, except where I parked I could see into the back lot. And that's how I snapped this image of what appears to be a late model Aston Martin DB7 Volante 6.0-liter V12 sitting under about an inch or two of snow.

We just had a snow storm in the New York Tri-State region that dumped anywhere from three to eight inches of snow depending how far inland you were.

Perhaps it was a parts car? Even if so, one of the best qualities about an Aston is the paint quality. Clearly, that didn't matter to these guys.

Perhaps it was an anomaly? No, not it wasn't. As I made my way down the road past a newer Italian exotic dealership, I saw in the back a rosso corsa Ferrari 599 GTB under three inches of the white stuff as well.

While a part of me feels like it's just a car, my brother said it best: "If I was making a six figure investment, I'd want it to arrive in top notch condition."

So, I am curious. IF YOU were buying an EXOTIC, would THIS treatment make YOU think TWICE about working with that specific dealer?

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IF You Were Buying An EXOTIC, Would THIS Make YOU Think TWICE About The Dealer?

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