Having been a BMW guy all these years, I have to say that I've been lulled into boredom with the brand. The only cars that get me juiced up are the Ms.

For me, the all-new 3-Series and 4-Series cars are great products but there's something about the engines I can't lust over. The six-cylinder mill is a carryover and the four-cylinder is, well, a four banger. According to the latest reports though, this will change as the company prepares a refreshed 3-Series for 2015.

As of now it's too early to know if and how much the power increase will be, one thing is certain though: BMW will ensure these motors eek out more efficiency. This is something that the company has been doing remarkably well in ALL of its products. Expect more technology from the project i cars to filter into the likes of the standard models.

Seen here for the first time is the LCI 3-Series, which is destined to receive an update like the 2015 6-Series — headlights, taillights, front grille, front/rear clips, etc.

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...According to our latest info, the 335i becomes the 340i with the LCI refresh and its N55 engine will be replaced by the B58 engine when production begins next Summer. The following year (2016), the 328i becomes the 330i and its N20 engine will be replaced by the B48 engine.

The 3 Series LCI models begin production next July (2015)...

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SPIED: NEW Spy Pics Show Us The 3-Series REFRESH Is In The Works For 2015 — BEST Part? NEW MOTORS!

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