Not too long ago, Aston Martin revealed its latest car for the one and only James Bond. Though a fictional character brought to the big screen from a novel, the special agent put Aston Martin on the map with its DB5.

Though the British automaker had success with a colorful racing history, that didn't solidify its iconic nature. It was 007.

Now with another Bond car on the way, it seems that XCAR took a walk down memory lane to get one of its staff members behind the wheel of a DB5 and see how far the brand's come when compared to the Vanquish Cetenary Edition.

After a rocky 100-year history, it doesn't seem like things have ever been or are getting easier when it comes to R&D and cash flow, but perhaps it's that grit that truly makes an Aston so special.

For a lot of gearheads, driving a DB5 is one of those bucket list items. And according to XCAR's presenter, that box has now been ticked off. Check out the clip, below!

The Aston Martin DB5 is probably one of the most famous car in the world. Drew takes a look at how Aston Martin got to the creation of this masterpiece and tries to figure out if the Centenary Vanquish is as worth at representing the company's achievements.

VIDEO: A Look Back At The MOST Famous James Bond Car, The Aston Martin DB5

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