The Audi RS6 — you know, the one we don't get here — is probably one of the coolest station wagons ever made. Or, as they like to say in the motherland, "avants."

There's something about a bi-turbo motor producing about 560 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque you just have to love. And because it's an Audi, then there is the interior. The attention to detail is just on another level.

Audi Exclusive RS6

Now when Audi Exclusive comes out of the wood work though, then you've got something even more special.

Seen below is an Audi Exclusive RS6 Avant. Painted matte gray and finished with a black interior that appears to have two-tone gray accents — it's tough to tell with the lighting — it is finished off with an Alcantara headliner and yellow stitching.

This reminds me when the Ferrari F430 first debuted and everyone started placing orders. For some reason, a lot of all-new buyers decided to go with black Daytona seats and have the interior stitched in yellow. It's a bold choice, no doubt, and it looks pretty sweet if I say so myself.

That said, what do you think of this specification, Spies?

Audi Exclusive RS6

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