In a day and age where every automobile, from midsize sedans to pick-up trucks, are getting more technologically advanced, it's a good time to have a minivan. Why, you ask? Well, they've essentially become rolling living rooms.

Now they feature multiple television screens with multiple inputs and with the way you can option a van these days the possibilities are endless. If you need a peaceful ride but have toddlers, I can completely understand why you'd opt for something like a minivan to keep your brain from turning to mush.

Now where things get interesting is if you compare the likes of the Toyota Siena to the all-new Kia Sedona.

Over the past several years we've seen Kia make a huge push for market share with much nicer designed and, overall, better products. It's been exciting. Toyota, on the other hand, is doing its best to fend off the opposition by any means necessary.

That said, we were just thinking though: IF YOU had to pick up an all-new minivan tomorrow, WHICH interior would YOU want to be in? The Kia — up top — or the Toyota — below?

CAR WARS! Luxury MINIVAN Shakedown! WHICH Interior Would YOU Want To Make Yourself Home In?

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