You know what time it is. It's time to continue the countdown. Jeez, I feel like Casey Kasem. For those of you familiar with how we operate at AutoSpies, it should come as no surprise to you that we're now going to unveil my list of the Top 007 disappointments of 2014.

While we love telling you about the creme de la creme, we recognize that we'd be slighting you if we didn't reveal the vehicles that shocked us — and not in a good way.

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As noted previously, this is completely subjective and based on vehicles I had the opportunity to pilot in 2014. If I didn't drive it, it's not included. We take pride in our thoughts, which are based on experience and not bias/conjecture.

With that said, here we go:

1) Infiniti Q50
Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
3) BMW M235i
4) Cadillac Escalade
5) Honda Civic Si
6) Volkswagen Golf
7) Audi S3

1) Infiniti Q50: Usually when I am cultivating a list like this it's always tough determining number one. Not this year. The Infiniti Q50 is light years ahead of the others when it comes to being an awful product. If it wasn't already bad enough that Infiniti is still selling the G37 in parallel — now it's called the Q40 — the Q50 has the worst steering known to man. It's super fidgety and direct, especially when traveling at cruising speed around town — about 40 mph. The center stack is home to two screens, which shows Nissan/Infiniti followed Honda's particularly dreadful move. Even worse, my tester Q50S sounded bland. What happened to that sweet burble from the VQ motor? From the interior materials to the transmission it just feels like a last-gen product. I am not quite sure how Infiniti managed, but the company took a MAJOR step backwards from the G37 to the Q50. I remember piloting a G37S sedan and saying "Wow, BMW is screwed." Not the case anymore. The only thing good about it is the Q50 looks great on the road. Everything else is a miss, in a BIG way.

I am not the only one realizing this. Close family friends who bought not one, but TWO, G37s test drove the all-new Q50 and said they'd NEVER buy one as it didn't live up to their Gs!

We're fans of Infiniti and its potential as a marque but if this is a sign of things to come, it won't end well.

2) Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG: I have to say I was super excited to get behind the wheel of the CLA45 AMG when I saw it working its way around a track in its promotional clips. I dubbed it the "whistler," because of the absurd whistling coming from its turbocharged powerplant. Then, I sat in it and that's where the problems began. On paper, everything sounds good but when you turn over the motor and you're confronted with an awful-sounding four-cylinder and road manners that aren't too much different from a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, I have one simple question: why NOT just go get a Lancer Evolution and save yourself a ton of coin? As the CLA45 AMG has a base price of $48,500 realistically you're talking about a car that will cost around $55,000 with only a couple of options. Why wouldn't you just go snap up a lightly used C63 AMG with a proper V8, a touch more space and is probably one of the greatest AMGs to exist so far?

3) BMW M235i: For this one, I am putting on my flame suit. Everyone seems to be in love with the M235i this year, but I am going to take a stand. It's not that great, people! First things first, I take issue with the nomenclature. The M in M235i is for "Marketing." Second, if you want the M235i experience boiled down to you in a nutshell, it feels similar to the last-gen 135i except the steering has gotten more numb and devoid of any feeling whatsoever. Apparently everyone's fine with that. Let me make this clear: I am not. This vehicle doesn't feel special in any way. The only thing it has going for it is that it feels more nimble and darty than the 435i, which it should given its size when compared against the 4'er.

To me the only really great BMWs the company produces anymore are the proper M cars, not this poser. The others in the product portfolio are compromised to net the Bavarians a broader appeal, which is fine because this is a business and the end goal is to move units out of showrooms. Just don't be surprised to see the competition start netting more accolades as the company abandons what once made it the best. 

4) Cadillac Escalade: When General Motors decided to drop the curtain on the all-new Escalade, the styling was as bold and brash as ever. That's not necessarily a bad thing, this is what Cadillac is known for. While this vehicle possesses a MUCH improved interior with really nice high-quality materials, the infotainment system is a bit peculiar. Dubbed CUE, it requires a lot of getting used to. It took me about 20 minutes to get acquainted with it before setting off. So, what's the major problem? Well, its ride is pitiful. Over bumps and uneven surfaces it lacks any sophistication you find in a comparable sport-utility vehicle of this caliber. In addition, the Escalade I drove had an omnipresent shudder throughout the chassis that reminded me what it feels like to drive a 10-foot, GMC U-Haul box truck. I am waiting to get behind the wheel of another one to see if it was a vehicle-specific problem or if this is an Escalade-specific problem. With a base price of nearly $73,000, why wouldn't I just get an SUV that rides as sophisticated as it is priced, like the Land Rover Range Rover that I named as a Top 007 in 2013 and this year?

5) Honda Civic Si:
In the world of entry-level cars that have a sporting edge to them, the go-to picks typically are the Honda Civic Si and the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Both are capable front-wheel drive machines and have a decent amount of power. Having not driven a Civic Si and having been a Civic owner back in college, I wanted to give it a crack. Although its motor produces 205 horsepower, it just never feels adequate. Even when you bring revs close to the 7,000 rpms it just feels asthmatic and the sound is wretched. The clutch is the equivalent of stepping on a marshmellow as it has ZERO feel in its take up. At least the shifter is precise and easy to row. More negative points are awarded for its touchscreen infotainment display that features a graphical user interface (GUI) that is hands down one of the worst in the biz with its messy and counter intuitive set up. With a base price of nearly $23,000 there are definitely better options that will reward you more than the tarted up Civic. At least it finally looks cool.

6) Volkswagen Golf: As a Volkswagen Golf owner this may come as a bit of a shock to you it made this list. I have to admit, the all-new Golf is a pretty nice ride. I think its material is of nice quality, the new head unit works splendidly and the all-new motor delivers adequate power and efficiency. I even saw as high as 37 mpg during my week with it. That's sensational. So, what's wrong with this picture? Reliability. My press car had not one but TWO major issues. First, the six-speed automatic transmission had trouble shifting smoothly. Most notably downshifting from fourth to third resulted in what felt like the car getting kicked in the ass — in other words, a severe jolt. It did it in the manual Tiptronic mode, it did it in drive, it did it while accelerating and it did it under braking. There was no work around. Either it needed to be "reflashed" or the transmission was already problematic. Not something that should a problem in an all-new vehicle. Second, I found out while taking out my significant other that the passenger seat belt sensor was having problems. Though there was a 100 pound individual in the passenger seat with the seat belt buckled, the car bonged at me telling me to have my passenger buckle up. Really? That's not cool. Although I know these fleet vehicles take a beating, they're also the most looked after vehicles because they're constantly being examined before being sent out for review purposes. These issues are truly unacceptable and after owning a 2004 Volkswagen Touareg that was in the shop on a monthly basis, you better believe I will not advise anyone to go pick up a new VW Golf any time soon. Maybe in several years after they get the kinks worked out since the company cannot seem to get its act together and build reliable first year products.

7) Audi S3: This year was supposed to be a big one for the Audi S3 after it was promoted during the Super Bowl. It's the performance variant of the company's entry-level luxury sedan, the A3. There's just a couple problems for me, personally. While it features a lot of pick up and a nice sound, it is a snoozefest on the inside. I understand the concept of Spartan design and simplicity but the first thing everyone said after getting inside was "Wow, this is awful." Next, it's an Audi so it will cost you. While the base price is just above the $41,000 mark, my test car rang the register at $52,000. This may be a bargain when compared to my CLA45's as-tested price of $63,000, you have to keep in mind an S4 that's more spacious and features a lovely six-cylinder mill starts at $48,400. In this situation the smart buyer would take their business to Volkswagen and pick up the Golf R that will essentially be the same thing in different packaging. OR, if they NEED to have an Audi, suck it up and get the S4.

In our line of work where publications are "in the bag," and just trying to get on the next press junket, it's important to us that we tell you the real deal. This year I've read far too many super positive reviews or critiques that did not include ANY downside to an all-new ride.

While there are exceptions to the rule, most vehicles are not perfect. It's our job not to be a third-party marketer for the automakers, but to provide buyers guidance in the purchasing decision.

We hope we've served you well in 2014 and look forward to a bright 2015!

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