As automobiles become more technology-centric as ever, it seems that BMW is trying its best to stay ahead of the competition. Known for being an innovator, the company seems to be trying hard to remain relevant and cutting edge.

The latest announcements at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas will certainly ensure that BMW's in-car experience will not be the same again.

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Three of the BIG announcements were related to gesture control, a rear seat-based tablet to control essential functions and the announcement of the ConnectedDrive Store, which will launch in The States as of Spring 2015.

Given the nature of the latest technology and consumer trends, we have to say it's not a huge surprise that gesture control is taking center stage. In addition, we noted the presence of a tablet in the Vision Future Luxury, so, we knew it was only a matter of time.

Now, I wonder how efficiently these all-new innovations function in the real world.

For MORE information, check out the company-issued release below!

(NAIAS) Detroit Auto Show

BMW's press release follows:

BMW innovations at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Extended control options with touch control and non-contact gesture recognition.
The rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers has made direct inputting of data on touch-sensitive interfaces a familiar feature of everyday life. A similar user experience in future BMW models will be offered by a touchscreen Control Display. The Control Display and the proven iDrive Controller will then have equal status. In a further development, it will also be possible in future models to conveniently perform various functions – such as inputting one’s home address in the navigation system – by performing a directed gesture in the area between the gear lever and the instrument panel.

Touch Command – extended control options in the rear.
Touch Command is an example of how quickly BMW responds to new developments in the consumer electronics sector. The system uses a standard Samsung tablet computer as a control interface for infotainment and comfort functions, allowing the latest devices with new, intelligent functionality to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle. The tablet connects wirelessly to the onboard electronics, allowing this interface to be used conveniently in the rear of the vehicle as well, for example to control the rear seat entertainment system. All the main functions appear on the tablet display, without interfering with the monitor displays.

BMW ConnectedDrive Store also available in the USA in spring 2015.
Accessing the extensive range of digital services and features from BMW ConnectedDrive has now become even easier and more convenient. As well as being able to order them online from your home or office, customers can now also book intelligent services such as the Concierge Service and Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) from the car via a connected SIM card – thanks to the new BMW ConnectedDrive Store. The services are ready to use within minutes. BMW is the only premium carmaker to offer this additional means of acquisition. Following its successful introduction in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, the BMW ConnectedDrive Store will also be launched in the USA from spring 2015.

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(NAIAS) Detroit Auto Show

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