Spotted in SoCal, thanks to our very handy Fred Khaz, was a BMW 2-Series. While seeing any other 2-Series is a non-event, this one was a bit more special.

It could have been the camouflage or the plates that gave it away, but it seems that BMW is doing one of a few things. Thanks to Khaz's spy shots, we're thinking that BMW is up to one of the following:

- In the process of developing a 220i for the U.S. market;
- Working on the lifecycle impulse (BMW's marketing language for a refresh, LCI) for the 2-Series Coupe — remember we did just see the 1-Series get an update;
- Developing a three-cylinder 2-Series as a proper entry-level model in The States; OR,
- It's just durability testing the 2'er.

After carefully inspecting the pictures, there are two things that stand out and are, unfortunately, indecipherable.

First, I cannot make out if that's a single or dual exhaust tip. If it were a single, I'd say this would be a 220i set to make its way here. Considering both the 228i and 320i start at about $32,000 each, why wouldn't the Bavarians want to make the 2'er a bit more competitive as an entry-level product with a lower barrier of entry?

Second, the sticker on the passenger side window is illegible. Unfortunately, when I zoom in on it it becomes far too pixelated to read. Of course a sticker doesn't provide ALL the answers in the world, I will say that we've seen hybrid and electric prototypes from BMW before and the stickers told us everything we needed to know.

All that said, scope out the pictures below and let us know what YOU think about this camouflaged 2-Series!

SPIED: All-New Spy Shots Of A BMW 2-Series — 220i? LCI? Three-Cylinder Model On The Way?

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