Many publications are raving about the new Jaguar XE Sport Sedan, Jaguar's new entry into the crowded BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4 and Lexus IS sport-segment. The reviews are exceptionally positive across publications. Some interesting quotes:

From Car and Driver: 'All of which makes the 2017 Jaguar XE an anomaly and a heaven-sent savior. We’ve just taken our first drive in Britain’s first car in this segment since the Ford Mondeo–based X-type, and it’s so good that we can’t think of a reason to mention that grim, four-wheeled disappointment again for the rest of this story.'

'The XE is proof that there’s at least one automaker still looking out for enthusiasts.'

From MotorTrend: 'The Porsche GT3 might have Jag's EPAS solution licked in terms of outright wowza, but I've never felt electrically assisted power steering of this caliber on a sports sedan. It's not only that the steering is weighted just about perfectly, but the feel stays excellent all the way through a corner, and that's no small feat.'

'Of course great steering without suspension to match is pointless, and luckily the XE delivers. Again, color me impressed." Then, crack the wheel and you're treated to about the best-handling small premium sports sedan there is. The only obvious competitor in terms of outright handling is the Cadillac ATS. But unlike the small Caddy, the XE isn't burdened by coarse engines or a dim-witted, inelegant transmission'

From Road and Track: 'The Jaguar XE murders the 3-Series in terms of driving dynamics...The big surprise is that it beats the current champs the Cadillac ATS and Lexus IS350 F-Sport' 'Steering precision makes the 3-Series feel like a Buick'

'Once enthusiasts drive the XE, it's game over for anything else in the class. You've been WARNED - start saving now'

CAR Magazine: 'The most-important new Jag in decades is brimming with potential'

Telegraph: 'Even so, there is no other car in this class in which you can sense so clearly all four corners working independently to round off every bump, soften every pothole and maintain the car’s ride height, probably the single most important determinant of both ride comfort and driver confidence. With the £800 adaptive suspension option, it’s better still. The best in a class including the hitherto unapproachable BMW 3-series? Without question.'

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ROAR: Jaguar's 2015 XE Sports Sedan 'Murders the 3-Series in Terms of Driving Dynamics' and is a 'Heaven-Sent Savior'

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