It's been some time since the launch of the latest BMW 3-Series and 4-Series hit the streets. As the competition in this highly competitive class heats up, BMW isn't going to sit on the sidelines. The Bavarians are working to keep its products as relevant and ever.

If I am honest, the company has to do a better job because in this writer's opinion the all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class has beaten it in a BIG way. Next to come online is the all-new Jaguar XE and buyers are apparently giving it a look.

While there are plenty of spy shots if you click "Read Article" below, the more interesting news is possibility that all-new, three-cylinder motors **may** make their way into the 3-Series lineup. I forecast this was possible after giving the prototype 1-Series equipped with the then prototype three-cylinder motor a drive. Not only is the motor more than powerful enough, it also sounds great and as a BMW should.

That's a BIG departure from the likes of the current four-cylinders that sound far too unrefined for my liking.

While it's only a rumor at the moment, we're not sure if BMW would have the brass to bring over three-cylinder models to the States. From the way these story reads it appears it would be a fitting replacement for the extremely small displacement powerplants found in European markets. Perhaps a three-cylinder would replace the rather underpowered 320i?

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The BMW 3-series will be given a mid-life facelift in late summer as it moves to fend off challenges from the new Jaguar XE, an updated Mercedes-Benz C-class and the new Audi A4, expected to be revealed later this year.

Chief among the developments will be a new diesel model that emits less than 100g/km of CO2, the addition of three-cylinder engines to the range and a super-frugal hybrid.

BMW has long dominated the compact executive class, and even the decision to rename its coupé and convertible models ‘4-series’ last year did not end the 3-series’ sales domination...

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SPIED + RUMOR: NEW Spy Shots Of The Upcoming BMW 3-Series LCI AND A HOT Rumor Hits The 'Net

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