When talking about a Pagani, it's pretty hard to say there is a "standard" car. They're all essentially bespoke, they all are very beautiful and there is something particularly unique in each.

The Zonda is on another level at this point. That's because the vehicle has technically been out of production; however, if you've got a massive checkbook you can have one built still. Rumors have speculated the cost somewhere in the range of $3-5 million USD.

The latest iteration we heard about was the 760 RS. A pair were said to be delivered to one customer and another one was built for Formula One's champion, Lewis Hamilton.

But, until now, there only existed coupes.

Check this out though. The first Zonda 760 Roadster has been built and it features a standard transmission. That's the first surprise. The second is even more staggering.

The 760 RS featured a snorkel that filtered cool air into the engine bay. With a roadster though, how would that work? Well, Horacio Pagani being practically an artist, he made it work. Just LOOK at how artful it is. Only the video will properly display that surprise.

There's one last thing you HAVE TO love about this Zonda. Take a good look at the blue paint. While we've seen Ferrari apply thin layers of paint over carbon fiber so you can see the weave, NO ONE has done it like Pagani in THIS instance. It is SO THIN there is a bit of translucence to it. You can make out the weave much more but it depends on the light.

It is truly a work of art, this Zonda.

Watch as Shmee goes through it end-to-end, below!

On a visit to take a look at the Topaz Detailing London facility, one car that has been undergoing a Level 3 Detail before application of Paint Protection Film is a bespoke, one-of-one, Pagani Zonda; a Zonda 760 Roadster with a manual gearbox.

This is a very first look at that car, right here at Topaz, so I show you all around the car post the work being carried out. It's truly a work of art, and Horacio Pagani himself visited Topaz a few days prior to verify everything is correct before the car is shipped to the owner on another continent.

VIDEO: A Pagani Zonda Roadster Like You've NEVER Seen Before! A 760 Roadster With Two MAJOR Surprises!

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