It's not every day that you see a working prototype doing developmental testing. And even more rare than that happening is seeing an R&D car get involved in an accident.

Well, if you're a Spy, then this isn't SO out of the ordinary.

Thanks to our friend Toldi, we've received a tip about a video he shot in Stuttgart. The car involved is the revised Porsche 911 (991) that's expected to receive turbocharging across most of the 911 portfolio of automobiles.

The R&D car was involved in what appears to be a minor frontal collision. The front clip is damaged and from what we can tell it looks like the intakes will become more prominent. Around the back end of the car you'll note the rear taillights, although covered, look as though they'll remain the same — this must be an all-wheel drive car as their is the little LED tube running across the back. One BIG difference we see is the dual exhaust that's mounted to exit through the middle of the rear valence. While we've seen a handful of test cars fitted with this application, nothing has come to fruition in production form yet.

If YOU see anything else, feel free to chime in via the comments below!

Now, to the video...

The brand new barely disguised Porsche 911 Carrera 2016 - 991-2 series - caught in a district of Stuttgart (Germany).

The Porsche ptototpye was involved in a minor accident in which the radiator was destroyed.

SPIED + VIDEO: A New Prototype Porsche 911 (991 MKII) Gets Into An Accident, And A Spy Captures The Details

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