One of the debuts I am looking forward to is of Ferrari's newly revamped 488 GTB. Based on the much more elegantly designed 458 Italia, the 488 GTB is expected to take lessons learned from Ferraris F1 racing program and incorporate them into a mid-engine, V8 road car.

Much like the 458 Speciale, you can expect the 488 to benefit from new aerodynamic treatments and new practices that will make it much more slippery through the air.

Now pumping out more than 650 horsepower, the 488 is aiming to take down any competitors — [cough] McLaren [cough] — that may have been giving it trouble. We're eager to see the results of the newly turbocharged 488 and if it has gained or lost some of the panache that makes a car from Maranello so special.

At a special unveil specifically for VIPs, this week Ferrari hosted an event at the factory to display its latest sports car. One of the invited was Josh Catu, a Gumball participant, who shared the photos below via social media channels.

In addition, scope out the video below! There's a little surprise there for you...

MSCC were exclusively invited to represent Australia in the international launch of the Ferrari 488 GTB, see Sebastian Vettel drive the vehicle into the event.

VIPs ONLY: FIRST Real-Life Pics Of The Ferrari 488 GTB From An Exclusive Event In Maranello

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