It's a pretty simple fact that is one of the most visited websites for in-market customers of vehicles over $20k. In fact MOST of our readers (71%) earn over $50k, with over 21% earning over $150k (source: Quantcast).

You're also tremendous influencers with your purchases with many in your circles looking to you for guidance in their vehicle purchase decisions. Because you SPY before you BUY...

So the question we have tonight is what are you finding yourself recommending MOST to people that ask you for vehicle recommendations lately? Any new surprises about vehicles they are inquiring about or ones that you are giving the thumbs up to that you haven't in the past? And lastly, who is asking you most? The guys or the ladies?

This business is constantly changing, so we're excited to hear your feedback!

Spies, discuss...

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What CURRENT NEW Vehicle Do You Find Yourself Recommending MOST To Your Friends Or Family Lately?

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