Once and a while a great idea pops up. Even more rare though is when it hasn't been done before. Agent 001 has mentioned this to me previously and I actually just read a LinkedIn editorial saying that Steve Jobs had the exact same vision years ago.

Essentially, instead of having a clunky infotainment system that costs anywhere from $1,500+, the vehicle's infortainment would be "piped" through a mobile device — like an Apple iPhone or iPad — application. THINK: your phone already has all of the things these infotainment systems promise to do, except it does it much better.

There's been plenty of times I've hopped into a vehicle and decided to use my Apple Maps instead of the vehicle's in-car system. It's just...better. There are a multitude of other examples I could use, but I am sure you have your own.

To me it seems pretty obvious the concept of having an in-car infotainment system is becoming dated quickly and, frankly, it's a waste of money. Especially when the automakers don't always do the best job of designing user friendly graphical user interfaces (GUI). Perhaps this is best left to the experts. Let the car companies build great automobiles and let the tech business execute excellent hardware and software.

Some companies are coming online with Apple CarPlay but that means we still have to purchase the package to get the screen, which means buyers are STILL making that initial cash outlay. Why wouldn't automakers ditch the screen and just have some sort of mount to let users attach their personal mobile device?

So, I have to ask: WHY hasn't ANY automaker or supplier done this yet? Would THIS be the appropriate answer that YOU have been waiting for?

WHY Hasn't ANY Automaker Or Supplier Done THIS Yet?! Is THIS The Infotainment Answer Consumers Have Been Waiting For?

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