In an interesting face off, Evo recently put together two BMW M cars for a head-to-head competition.

If you ask me, it seems weird. I mean, if you're going to put two M cars together, why not at least make them similar — in other words, have a sedan versus a sedan, or coupe versus another coupe. That's not the case this time though.

That's because Evo sourced a special edition Jahre M5 and an all-new M4 coupe. I think this review was done just for giggles.

Although it seems silly as the M4 is easily the better handler out of the two, Evo put both of them together to see WHICH is the better pick of the two. See how the results shake out via the clip below.

In addition, I've attached the specs and times Evo provided via its page.

BMW M4 vs BMW M5. In the first of our Deadly Rivals series, evo's road test editor Dan Prosser pits two of the best M Division cars head-to-head on track.

Lap times, specifications and the pure 'thrill of driving' ... all is put to the test, but which will come out on top?


**Spoiler alert!


In the end, the M4's brilliant front end, ample power and excellent brakes and gearbox all mean it delivers an experience that just bests the M5.

What is worth mentioning however is just how suprised we were by the M5. It was much more exciting to drive on track than we expected and the powertrain continues to be one of the very best.

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CAR WARS! Sibling Rivalry Edition On VIDEO: The BMW M5 Squares Off With Its More Lithe Little Brother, The M4

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