Announced approximately one year ago, Apple unveiled to the world that it may have a solution for the latest hang ups of using a smartphone within an automobile.

Of course the problem is connectivity between an in-car infotainment display and your handheld device. Via CarPlay, that problem is eliminated as it serves as in-dash smartphone software.

In non-geek terms, this means that a connected device can display a simpler user experience on the auto's infotainment display. Rather than use an automaker's bogus apps and graphical user interface (GUI), you can just use what you've become accustomed to on your phone, which is something most people cannot and will not live without.

Yesterday, during Apple's highly anticipated Spring Forward keynote where the technology company detailed the all-new Apple Watch, CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has secured deals with the major automakers to ensure that 40 all-new models will ship with CarPlay by the end of 2015. Considering there's been relative silence on CarPlay for the past 12 months, this is refreshing news to hear.

Perhaps this is the solution to end the frustration of dealing with an iPhone and a fussy in-car infotainment system.

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Apple Announces BIG News For CarPlay During Spring Forward Keynote — Finally, It's Gaining Adoption

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