OK, I have to admit. While I don't drive in to my office on a daily basis — I gave this up about a year ago after realizing how much more writing I could do on my commute via train — I love using a maps application to course correct while en route to my destination. For anyone living in a consistently gridlocked area, you know the importance of saving time.

Unfortunately whether you're using Apple Maps, Google Maps or you in-car navigation system equipped with real-time traffic information, the dreaded red line of hell doesn't provide a driver with much color — no pun intended. You don't know if that jam is a five minute problem or a two hour problem.

Arguably the BEST app for navigating your way is Waze. Not only are there some super useful features thanks to the app's reliance on crowd-sourced data, now the latest release actually tells users how long that red line of traffic will inconvenience you for. 

Dubbed the Time in Traffic Bar, it seems like this is something that should have been devised earlier but, hey, we're not complaining. No one else thought to do it.

That said, we want to know what YOU think: does the Time in Traffic Bar make you MORE inclined to install and use Waze over, say, Google Maps?

**FYI, this feature is only available on Apple iPhones.

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APP WARS! Did WAZE Just Fly By Google Maps With This SERIOUSLY COOL And Useful Function?

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