In recent weeks, the former Top Gear trio have been up to some interesting things. While Jeremy Clarkson has been making his way around the charity circuit, our other two favorites, Richard Hammond and James May, have been producing YouTube clips that are admittedly hilarious.

Although some would claim these are acts of desperation to stay in the limelight, I actually like to think that these are calculated moves by a very smart group of wise men. As rumors swirl about Clarkson — and I assume Andy Wilman — working on new deals for an automotive program, to me it's clear that the three are having a bit of fun of it. It's not as though these three don't write multiple columns in U.K.-based publications and host other programs. They are far from being completely penniless.

And that's why May recently penned a column in The Sunday Times. In it he details how he ordered the world's very last Ferrari 458 Speciale. And, the only reason why he is getting the very last one is because he was actually late to the game. Turns out the factory decided to spit one more out just for May.

Here's the rub though. May's caught in a pickle because he ordered the car before the actual contract renewal for the trio was signed.


To give yourself a laugh and really understand what it's like to order an all-new F car at the factory, click "Read Article" below for the play-by-play details directly from May.

Chin up, May. We're sure everything will work out in the end.

I am more interested as to why he went from a classy dark blue hue to what I am guessing is Rosso Dino...

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Ex-Top Gear Host, James May, Does The UNTHINKABLE And Orders An All-New Supercar

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