We've still got a month and change until summer kicks off for 2015. For those of you counting down until the start, summer launches on June 21.

That means we've all still got about a month and a half to prepare our rides for some of the best driving months of the year. For some of us that may mean getting a new set of tires or an all-new big brake kit for the track. But for the über fortunate folks, this may mean it's the right time to snap up a set of wheels for the warm months.

If you're finding yourself in this position, you probably have several choices within your grasp:

- A Chevrolet Corvette
- A Porsche Boxster
- A BMW cabriolet

Or, you may want something completely different.

That said, this got us thinking: WHICH would YOU rather for the summer? A Corvette? A Boxster? A BMW drop top? Or, something completely different?

Make your move, Spies!

Summer's Almost Here! WHICH Would You Rather? Used Vette, Boxster, BMW Cab Or ________?

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