One of the most iconic automobiles to grace this green Earth is the Porsche 911. For over 50 years our German friends in Stuttgart have been carefully giving this vehicle the evolutionary treatment.

Every iteration, it continues to get better. And with every generation, we wonder how much is left in it.

From what's been circling the 'net, the word on the street is that Porsche may be de-emphasizing its legendary flat six engine. This is HUGE news! If there's one thing to LOVE about the 911 it's the motor.

According to reports there will be a four-cylinder powerplant also offered, however, we have yet to hear an official confirmation. While we do know that the Boxster and Cayman are slated to receive a four, I don't recall seeing any four-cylinder details on the 911.

The thing is though, we've seen a couple spy videos where a 911 development car is clearly not equipped with a six-cylinder engine. And now, we've got another one. While the first clip shows a MKII 911 (991) undergoing testing, the second video is up close and personal with the four-cylinder variant. Rumors are indicating that the four is a flat setup, which may be why it sounds so good.

Listen for yourself, below!

**Special thanks to our friend, Toldi, for the video clips below!

SPIED + VIDEO: Porsche's REFRESHED 911 Comes Out From Hiding, LISTEN To The New Six- And New Four-Cylinder Motors

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