Easily the most popular entry-level luxury sedan, the BMW 3-Series has been a storied nameplate for quite some time. The buff books all drool over it and send accolades its way, yearly. Buyers love posting images and discussing their pride and joy. And, the Bavarians keep finding ways to improve upon it and make it more relevant.

While we received many comments on the 2016 BMW 3-Series' refresh being hardly noticeable, it is pretty much following what the company has always done. It replaces the front/rear clips, adds some new technology in the headlights/taillights, throws in a new set of wheels and offers some slightly changed up packaging — for example, every standard vehicle is a Sport-trimmed model. Oh, and there's new wheels.

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2016 BMW 3-Series

BMW has a good thing going, so why reinvent it?

As with every BMW launch, the company has put together a slew of videos detailing the refreshed product, inside and out. We've got driving scenes, interior and exterior details, as well as the Sport and M Sport trims.

Get a load of the LCI 3-Series in all its glory, below!

VIDEO: ALL The Videos You'd Ever Want To See Of The Newly Refreshed 2016 BMW 3-Series

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