These days you don't have to look around too hard to find an outstanding restored automobile. While I won't say they're flooding the market, there are plenty of automotive enthusiasts trying to keep vintage cars alive.

This is a good thing.

If you haven't noticed, ever since the start of the 2000s there's been an urge to continue looking back to vintage vehicles for creative inspiration. And, if I am honest, some of the greatest vehicles built were heavily inspired by the original. THINK: the modern day Ford GT, the BMW Z8, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. There's plenty of cars I can list.

Of course, this got me thinking. IF you have the jingle, why settle for the reboot? Why not just get the original and fully restore it so it runs A OK and looks like a show car?

As I was reading the press release for BMW's soon-to-debut 3.0 CSL Hommage, I couldn't help but wonder the Spies' take on this: IF you had the chance to BUY and fully RESTORE a vintage ride, what would it be?

Although I would typically wait to answer, I'll break my own rule. Personally, I think this is just a stunning example of a BMW 3.0CS — modified with a 6-Series engine that's not necessary. This would be a dream come true, for me at least.

** is NOT affiliated with the seller in ANY way! Caveat emptor, Spies.

IF You Had The Chance To BUY And Fully RESTORE A Vintage Ride, What Would It Be?

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