These days it seems like Aston Martin is taking a cue from Ferrari's playbook. Get a bit too close or try to copy its design and the company will let you know about it via its lawyers. You can't blame them. It's simply trying to protect its brand and ensure it makes a buck or two.

Remember, Aston has never had it easy.

The latest vehicle to emerge as a coachbuilt Aston Martin is the Kahn Vengeance. Ridiculous, Die Hard name aside, it's a bold and highly modified design said to be based on the DB9.

And, according to Kahn, the company has entered into a formal supply deal with the legendary British automaker. So, there will not be any legal issues to worry about.

All that said, take a look at the Vengeance in the images below.

Is Kahn's Vengeance DOOMED To The Same Fate As Other Recent, Aston Martin Designs? Not So, Actually...

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