And the award for the coolest cousin goes to:

Udonis Haslem.

An NBA veteran — most players hang up their sneakers after three to four years — Haslem has been playing hoops for 12 years in the professional league. Clearly this means he's made a comfortable living. But what's the point of having all that if you can't enjoy it with your family?

In an Instagram post, Haslem took several pictures and added the caption below.

Lil cuz say he wanna roll to the prom in style. Say no more. It even comes with a Chauffeur. Lol. Love this kid man. Never asked for nothing. It was honor to be your driver for the night @djshutdown10.

Jeez, I remember going to junior and senior proms in limos but I would have much preferred a more personal ride in the back of a Rolls-Royce Ghost myself. Good on Haslem for treating his cousin!

When you are closely related to a 12-year NBA veteran, you might find yourself with some pretty sweet perks. One of Miami Heat big man Udonis Haslem's young cousins found that out this weekend when he told Haslem that he wanted to roll up to prom in style.

Few things in this world exceed the style of a Rolls Royce. Udonis Haslem just so happens to own one of the vehicles. He offered its services and even chauffeured the prom-goers.

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