An Audi representative has denied the development of other body styles of the range-topping RS3 other than the Sedan, which will be introduced exclusively on the U.S. market.

With the BMW M2 just around the corner, Audi is going to develop a rival for this in the shape of the RS3 Sedan. Despite the main difference in the number of doors between the two cars, these will be competitors in the compact segment for performance sedans and we also have to mention the Mercedes CLA45 AMG here too. But if you have your eyes on the model which will come to life in Ingolstadt and you happen to live outside the U.S. market, you will be disappointed to find out that the car manufacturer has no plans of offering it anywhere else.

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Audi Confirms RS3 Sedan For US Market - Will The  M2 And CLA45 AMG Go Down In Flames?

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