There are quite few things in life that are as good as a Ferrari. If you've seen Al Pacino in the 1990s flick Scent of a Woman, you too would know by now that there's only one thing Lieutenant Colonel Frand Slade considers better than an F car.

Having said that, with the all-new product portfolio, I think a lot of people have forgotten what Ferrari is best at creating. While the 458 Italia — and soon 488 GTB — and FF are impressive in their own respect, the legendary Italian marque is best known for its front-engined V12s with power sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

THINK: there's so much heritage with cars like the 250 GT, 275 GTB, the Lusso, the Daytona. How does one follow that up? The F12 Berlinetta is one of the most staggering accomplishments from Maranello with its naturally aspirated V12 good for over 700 horsepower.

With rumors on the horizon about all of Ferraris V12s going hybrid in the future, and after seeing what's possible with the LaFerrari, it should come as no surprise that many are thinking the F12 is a swan song.

That said, check out XCAR's latest clip where it spends time with what may soon be a highly sought after F car.

Is the Ferrari F12 the last in its long line of n/a V12s? Will all 12 cylinder Ferraris be hybrids from now on?

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The Proper Ferrari Experience, V12 Up Front And Power Sent To The Back

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