As I have been quick to point out in the past 12-18 months, Mercedes-Benz has been killing it from a product perspective. I think I've used the phrase "shooting out the lights," at least 100 times by now. I hate to sound like a broken record, but when you see the advances the company has made with its products, it's just outstanding.

And for the commenter that will inevitably bring up the new C-Class' bleeding seats, yes, we know.

Now. Set to replace the GLK is the all-new GLC-Class. In recent weeks new spy shots have virtually uncovered the all-new sport-utility vehicle. Going up against a very competitive set — the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, etc. — it will have to be GREAT if it wants market share.

From the first impressions though, the GLC may have what it takes. According to Autocar who had the chance to experience prototypes, the company made sure to do some off-roading to prove the all-new features and its respective capability. In the story, the writer mentions an optional air suspension, which in my opinion has been the key differentiator between the C and its competitors. In addition, it sounds like much of the same design and details are carried over from the C-Class sedan. As you all know by now, that is the benchmark for this price range now.

[Edit: After leafing through Autocar's pictures, it's VERY clear this interior is essentially "lifted" from the C-Class.]

All that said, I encourage you to give the full story a read by clicking "Read Article" below. If you ask me though, this all sounds very, very promising.

...What else could we tell from the prototype? The styling looks neat if predictable, although it’s good to see that there’s less of the fussy surfacing that has featured on many recent Mercs.

The packaging in the cabin feels clever; there’s room for four six-footers to travel in comfort, or for three to squeeze in across the back. The front occupants will be treated to the same dashboard architecture as in the C-Class, which is no bad thing; you get that single slab of wood in the centre console, with ‘uninterrupted’ grain, and either a large screen if you tick the option box for Comand, or a more modest display that features a Garmin-based navigation system. The materials feel every bit as plush as the C-Class’s. The boot looks a decent size, and there are buttons at either side of the load space to lower the rear seats without having to stretch in. There’s no awkward lip to load items over, either...

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DRIVEN: FIRST Impressions Of The Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class — Sounds like The X3, Q5 And Evoque Have Trouble Coming Their Way

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