While it's fun to head out to the major automotive events, like the Detroit Auto Show and New York Auto Show, there's something to be said for grassroots car shows. Rather than visit multimillion dollar booths and speak with public relations personnel about an automaker's latest wares, a grassroots show is much more intimate.

Not only do you get to interact with the owners of very unique cars, you get to hear their story. And that's what really fuels an enthusiast's passion.

Greenwich Concours

While some are certainly more interest than others, if you just saw the way one owner held court over his very unique Mercedes-Benz 190SL, it was fantastic. While a small crowd formed, he noted about how his bright red example was the vehicle displayed at the 1956 New York Auto Show and what unique options it boasted. Although every one chuckled when he said "Yeah, we take pretty good care of it," he was dead serious — that's because he actually drives it. Not that you could tell, it was mint.

Another reason I like these types of shows is because there is always a healthy mix of vehicles, young and old. If you're standing in front of an E30 BMW M3, it's cool to look across the field and see a Jaguar C-Type.

That said, to take in all that the 2015 Greenwich Concours had to offer, scope out the pics below!

Greenwich Concours

GREENWICH Concours: One Of The East Coast's Most Interesting Grassroots Car Shows Brings Out The BIG Guns, Young And Old

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