In recent months there's been quite a bit of buzz about BMW producing a follow up to the E92 M3 GTS. Although the U.S. market did not receive this variant, it was a big deal abroad.

Some of it had to do with its obscene price, but most of it surrounded how it took the already capable M3 up a couple notches.

According to the latest reports, the much rumored about M4 GTS is available in the BMW ordering system. So, that seems to be an indication of something coming down the road in short order.

Spies located around the world famous Nürburgring test facility have snapped plenty of pictures showing what's thought to be the GTS. Sporting some light camouflage and Safety Car decals, this is the vehicle most are saying is the GTS under development.

It has worn two different types of rear spoilers at this point, but those familiar with the car have noted its front lip spoiler, and larger wheels and tires have not changed. Although this is pure speculation, we'd assume this vehicle would gain increased power, a more stripped out interior and the latest word on the street suggests a new cooling system so the vehicle can run higher boost for its bi-turbo set up.

SEE the all-new M4 GTS work its way around the 'Ring, below!

This time I have filmed again the 2016 BMW M4 GTS. It looks like that the rear wing is much bigger than before. What is BMW doing with the BMW M4 GTS?

SPIED + VIDEO: BMW's Mysterious M4 Tester — Rumored GTS — Works The Ring HARD

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