Last week, Lamborghini announced that it would be producing a sport-utility vehicle. This is not tremendously shocking news as the automaker known for its supercars now joins the likes of Bentley, Jaguar and Maserati, who are also developing SUVs.

Way to be on time, guys! I think the early 2000s called and it wants its product plans back!

Turns out though that it's not shocking that the raging bull is producing an SUV for another reason. It's already built an SUV in the past. Dubbed the 1989 LM002, it was a military-grade SUV that used the V12 motor from a Countach.

Pretty gnarly, right?

Because the vehicle was built in such limited quantity, not many know about it, let alone have experienced it. So, what is a Lamborghini SUV really like? While we may have absolutely NO idea what Lamborghini will plan for its upcoming SUV, perhaps the LM002 can provide some clues.

Find out below as a Dutch presenter had the chance to sample one.

**Make sure to turn on the English captions!

Grof geweld met hoofdletter G. Laat dat maar over aan de nieuwe Range Rover Sport Supercharged. Maar niets nieuws onder de zon, in de jaren tachtig bouwde Lamborghini al een monsterlijk sterke SUV. De snelste LaRo ooit ontmoet de legendarische Lamborghini LM002. LaRo meets Lambo, wie had dat ooit gedacht!

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, What Is A Lamborghini SUV REALLY Like?

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