Love or hate the Tesla Model S, one thing is certain: Every one seems to LOVE the vehicle's interior that features the truly MASSIVE center stack screen that mimics a mobile device.

When we've discussed with people what they love about the Model S, one of the first things mentioned isn't it's sleek design or "green" abilities. It's the friggin' screen! People guffaw at its magnificent size and how it's so easy to use.

Personally, I despise touchscreens in cars but, overall, consumers seem to be transfixed and in love with them. Naturally, this got us thinking:

So WHY haven't ANY other automakers truly embraced the large touchscreen embedded in the center stack?

While we've seen the likes of Lexus and Mercedes-Benz start offering HUGE, widescreen displays atop the dash, and Volvo is trying out a new infotainment system in the XC90, no one has really executed it like Tesla. What gives, Spies?

WHY Hasn't ANY Other Luxury Automaker Really Embraced Having A HUGE Touchscreen In The Center Stack A La Tesla's Model S?

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