For some, having a daily driver is simply an individual's sole vehicle in their garage. For others, having a daily driver is a complement to their fleet of autos. Essentially, a daily driver is a vehicle that should be able to commute approximately 80 miles round trip to an office, give you a chuckle now and again, and of course, turn out a decent mpg figure.

You don't want to be spending your hard-earned dollars at the pump, do you?

In our infinite wisdom, we wanted to turn to you, the Spies, to help us figure out what all-new vehicle on the market is the BEST daily driver. Here are some examples of the latest and greatest DDs some of us personally have and some colleagues use for the daily grind:

- MINI Cooper
- Fiat 500 Abarth
- Volkswagen Golf
- BMW 3-Series

That said, what say you, Spies? What is the BEST all-new daily driver?

The GREAT Debate: What Is The BEST Daily Driver On The Market Right NOW?

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