This doesn't sound like your typical day at the office.

You're sitting there when the phone rings. On the other end it's McLaren asking if you'd like to come to a track day. I think anyone's answer would be pretty obvious.

Evo's Henry Catchpole hightailed it down to Silverstone equipped with a couple GoPro cameras. When he arrived it was clear it was a special event for new owners of the P1 GTR, however, there was an all-new 675LT on site. Considering no one from the motoring press had the chance to drive it or experience it yet, this was certainly special.

Although Catchpole had been expecting Chris Goodwin — McLaren's chief test driver — to give him a thrill, it turns out that Ayrton Senna's nephew, Bruno Senna, would actually be the one to show him how to hotshoe this thing.

While the video isn't spectacular, it is an interesting clip as you get to hear the all-new titanium exhaust and get a quick impression from Senna.

Have a look below!

Henry Catchpole rides with Bruno Senna on track in McLaren's brand new 675LT supercar

VIDEO: FIRST Impression Of The All-New McLaren 675LT With A Senna Behind The Wheel

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