The Lamborghini Urus has been one of the most interesting vehicles to grace our great earth. When it first hit the scene, our jaws dropped and tongues fell out as if we were animated cartoons.

Its design was really special and if you ask Agent 001 and me, we'd agree it's probably the best design the company has ever turned out. The Estoque is a close second and the Miura is third.

But, it almost didn't make the cut. There's a legitimate reason behind this too: scale.

According to the top brass from Italy, the company's headcount is hovering around 1,200 professionals. To build the Urus it has to add another 500. Think about that on a percentage basis.

And, the company wanted to have the vehicle produced in Italy although having it built alongside Volkswagen's Touareg, the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 was a real possibility. But the Urus made the cut and the latest word suggests it will closely resemble the concept we saw.

Still wanting more? Well, check this out. It will not follow the LM002, which was far from a performance product and, in addition, it may be had with a turbo or as a plug-in hybrid. Everything's on the table as of now.

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NEW Information About The All-New, Upcoming Lamborghini Urus Surfaces, Some Of It SURPRISING

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