Comic Fan Unite! The epic battle between Gotham vs Krypton, or more commonly known to you fans as the Batman vs Superman Movie isn’t set to happen until March 25th of next year, but that doesn’t mean you be a part of it right now.

As you are probably aware our Agent001 is smack dab in the middle of Comicon 2015 in San Diego as we speak right now and we couldn’t leave you out of the event.  So when these images came over we couldn’t resist.  While the DC comics series haven’t had quite the success as their Marvel counterparts, it certainly can’t hurt to equip the Caped Crusader with a ride like this, especially considering how bad ass the Batmobile is. So who do you place your money on?  Batman Or Superman?

While you are at it be sure to check out our exclusive ComiCon 2015 Photo gallery with over 450 images so far!

ComiCon 2015 Photo Gallery

ComiCon 2015 Photo Gallery

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