Over the past two weeks the BMW M2 has been getting snapped and spotted just about...everywhere. There's been a boatload of pics coming in from Spies located in NoCal from the Bay Area and nearby Laguna Seca Raceway. In addition, there's been pictures emerging from abroad.

The latest snaps though are coming to us from a source located in the Far East. Showing us the interior, it's the very first — somewhat — clear look we're getting at the guts of the all-new M2.

While a Spy noted he saw an M2 equipped with the M3 and M4's sport seats, that may not be the case for production. That's because as seen here, the vehicle is actually equipped with standard sport seats found in the likes of the M235i and 228i. The only differentiator is the blue stitching, which is rumored to signal this is the proper M car — the 1M used orange stitching.

In addition, keen observers will also note the thicker, M steering wheel with the classic M tri-color stitching. Piling on top of that is the shifter that's clearly operating a dual-clutch gearbox. This should come as no surprise, however, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for a six-speed manual option as that's what made the 2011 1M and new M3/M4 so excellent to drive.

After seeing this snap, are YOU disappointed, Spies? Do the seats matter that much or is the transmission a BIGGER concern?

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SPIED: FIRST INTERIOR Picture Of The All-New BMW M2 — Disappointment May Ensue...

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