In recent years we've watched Horacio Pagani's company grown from just a tiny little baby into a toddler. At least, that's what I'd consider the supercar manufacturer at this point.

Not only has it evolved into the production of two models — although some would tell you the Zonda is dead, it never seems to really be the case — it also has been at the cutting edge of the latest supercars.

Sure, it  may not feature a plug and produce upwards of 1,000 horsepower but they do feature advanced Mercedes-AMG engines and kooky tricks like active aerodynamics. When you see the aerodynamics in action it's almost like the Pagani is a living entity.

Having said that, one eccentric Huayra owner — what Huayra owner isn't — decided to detail 10 things he thinks you probably didn't know about one of the world's most interesting and exclusive supercar manufacturers.

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Just a few fun facts about Pagani.

VIDEO: Did YOU Know ANY Of These 10 Things About Pagani?

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