When I released my thoughts about the BMW M235i, I caught a bit of flack. Some people set their flamethrowers to high and let me have it. Why?

Because I called the M235i a poseur, essentially.

To me, the M235i is just a follow up to the last-gen 135iS and nothing more. Meanwhile, other critics were saying there was no need for a 1M follow up, obviously now called the M2. To me, the M235i wasn't even close to filling the role of an M car. Others, in my opinion, bought into that one little letter added to the 235i's nomenclature.

Well, just to make another point, I will weigh in with one of the latest spy clips featuring both the M235i and the M2 as they're working their way around some seriously windy roads.

First you'll note a blue M235i pass by the camera and though it's off camera you clearly hear the driver throttle it. If you listen closely you'll hear it.

Second comes the M2 and make no bones about it, the M2 makes its presence widely known .

SPIED + VIDEO: This Is The Difference Between A BMW 2-Series And An M2...

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