The McLaren 675LT is the latest and greatest McLaren to launch from the small British supercar manufacturer. In a busy year for McLaren, the 675LT is essentially what the Ferrari 458 Speciale is to the standard 458 Italia.

That means it's lighter, faster and more aggressive. And it's prepped to hit the track.

While it seems a lot of automakers are building these types of vehicles for public consumption, what does that really mean for potential buyers? Only one way to really know for sure and that's by getting behind the wheel.

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Only 500 units will be built of the 675LT so if you do come across one it will be a rare treat.

Check out Chris Harris as he grabs it by the scruff of the neck and shows exactly what makes a car like the 675LT so unique when compared against the likes of the 650S.

Brief first drive at Silverstone in the lighter, faster 650 variant. It's a bit fast.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: How Much Better Can The All-New McLaren 675LT Be OVER The 650S?

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