Here's the thing with the Porsche crowd: it can be a tough bunch.

When the German automaker decided to go from building 993s that were air cooled to 996s that were watercooled, you would have thought the world was ending. Sure, the 996 wasn't the best looking generation 911 and it certainly had a lousy interior, but most people buy this vehicles for their character and the engine. Clearly, it's still making an impact as 993s can cost anywhere from $55,000-$120,000 and 996s can be found in shady used car lots collecting dust.

Since the introduction of the 997 that brought back the classic styling, it seems that the company is clearly on a roll. The 991 is a hit as well, but there's one significant change coming with the refresh.

The engines will go from larger displacement and natural aspiration to a smaller displacement and a turbocharger. Sure, power and efficiency will both get bumped but will the same thing we saw happen with the 993 to 996 generation products happen?

Keep in mind, this is the same buying group that cars about whether or not a vehicle has a third pedal and whether or not a particular 911 has a Metzger engine in it.

So, we turn to you, Spies.

What will be MORE desired: a 991 without the turbos and a 3.8-liter motor OR the newly refreshed 991 with a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine?

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Place Your BETS! What Will Be MORE Desired: The Porsche 991 SANS Turbos OR The Refreshed 991 WITH Turbos?

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