If you were to ask me about a memorable vehicle I drove, one of the names that would inevitably pop up is the Lotus Evora S. Although they're super rare here in the States, I have to say that it was one for the history books.

At least in my world.

Looking a bit like a Lancia Stratos, and being a hoot to drive whether around town or taking it through some twisties, the Evora S is a great driver's car. Sure, its interior is a bit suspect but if you're looking for a glamorous cabin with solid fit and finish you may be in the wrong place. So, how could the small British outfit improve upon that?

This is where the Evora 400 comes into play.

Now armed with more power, a redesigned cockpit and rethought driving dynamics, it is expected to be the best car to come out of Hethel. So, what did the first review have to say about it? The verdict is below.

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Should I buy one?: 

Last time Autocar road tested an Evora, our cover line was: ‘World’s best handling car, but…’. Quite a lot has happened since then, and not just to the Lotus.

Porsche has launched the latest Cayman (including the GT4) and the 911 GTS, for a start. So although the Evora has received some wholesale and remarkably significant changes – while having its price increased to the best part of £75,000 – the competition hasn’t exactly been doing nowt either.

The Evora 400 is, though, hugely improved. World’s best handling car, then? Well, it’s not a million miles away. And while there is a ‘but…’, at least this time the ‘but’ is smaller, and has more to do with what comes out of Stuttgart than something inherently flawed about what emerges from Hethel. Which, indeed, is progress.

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DRIVEN: So, Can The Newly Refreshed Lotus Evora 400 Make A Case For Itself OVER Porsche's Latest And Greatest?

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