On the heels of some reviews popping up abroad, the Lotus Evora 400 is starting to make a bit of a splash. With the first batch of vehicles slated to arrive in owner's driveways come August, I am excited to learn more about the latest from Lotus and see it in action.

Across the pond, our friends from Sport Auto had the chance to take a new Evora 400 out for some track time and to also stretch out the car's legs. This is some of the first footage of the new Lotus getting driven hard and it's definitely the first time we're seeing it get wound out a bit.

Scope out the clip below for some drifting action as well as a run to over 160 mph.

Erste Fahrt im Lotus Evora 400: Onboard sport auto-Testredakteur Christian Gebhardt auf der Lotus-Teststrecke in Hethel.

VIDEO: This Is What It's Like To RING OUT A Lotus Evora 400 And Take It OVER 160 MPH

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